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Spirit of Waterbury

Economic Development through Events!

Our Multi Year Initiative

The Spirit of Waterbury is a nonprofit 501 (c )(3) organization dedicated to growing community pride and spirit by working to make the city and its downtown center a safe and vibrant place to live, work and play.

The Spirit of Waterbury is launching a new multi-year program entitled “Hidden Spaces, Secret Places.” This program will explore and shine a light on mysterious aspects of Waterbury’s hidden, secret, or everyday, but overlooked spaces and places – bringing alive their stories, spirit and history. Each venue selected as part of this program will have a unique story or background which will dictate the type of experience offered to the public, so that no two experiences are alike

The September 13, 2018 premiere event in the series, “Waterbury City Hall’s Hidden Courtyard” is being held in City Hall’s inner courtyard which is open to the air, surrounded by brick walls and landscaped with patterned boxwood hedges. The City Hall courtyard has never been used for a public or private event and is unknown to most residents. When City Hall was first built in the early 1900s, the space was reportedly use as an outdoor area for persons being held in jail cells located in the lowest floor of the building which provided access to this inner space.

This premiere event will be a late summer social with live music, creative food, craft beer and specialty cocktails. A local musician discovered through the city’s “Make Music” program will be featured. The event is open to the public and proceeds will be used to fund costs for future “Hidden Spaces, Secret Places” experiences and as seed money to incentivize downtown events and projects in support of the organization’s mission.